Judy Stein, Executive Director of The Swimwear Association of Florida - Q and A with Judy Stein

Judy Stein, Executive Director of The Swimwear Association of Florida - Q and A with Judy Stein





The MBVCA sat down with Judy Stein, executive director of The Swimwear Association of Florida, to give the inside scoop on SwimShow Miami Beach and the MBVCA’s Tourism Advancement Program. For more information, visit https://www.swimshow.com/

1.      Tell us about SwimShow Miami Beach. How was the idea for this event created? 

Held every July, SwimShow is the largest, most well-respected and comprehensive catalyst swimwear tradeshow in the industry – featuring all of the central players of the travel industry in one building. Started by a small group of sales representatives back in 1982, the event has grown from just 15 representatives and 30 collections to thousands of buyers from across the globe that come to see and purchase next year’s swimwear trends.

In 2005, The Swimwear Association of Florida brought SwimShow to the Miami Beach Convention Center and coined the term ‘Swim Week’ to describe all of the auxiliary happenings during the event. This year, we celebrated 36 successful years of bringing together the swimwear community and the consumers that love it.

2.      As the event organizer, what are two exciting activities in the works for SwimShow Miami Beach 2019?

First and foremost, having the fully renovated Miami Beach Convention Center available for our use next year gives us the opportunity to create fabulous special events for attendees. For example, one event in the works is the official return of our annual SwimShow Fashion Show, which dishes out all the details for future swimwear fashion trends. We have a few working ideas for new and exciting events in the works, so readers should stay tuned for more surprises! The 2019 dates will be announced later this year.

3.      In your opinion, what makes Miami Beach the ideal destination for a major cultural event like SwimShow Miami Beach?

What could be more harmonious than swimwear and Miami Beach? Our slogan, ‘Swimwear begins in Miami Beach’ holds true each year as we continue to host the most important global swimwear tradeshow with the largest gathering of retailers, manufacturers, press, bloggers, influencers and more under one roof in Miami Beach.

4.      For 2018, SwimShow Miami Beach received funding from the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority’s Tourism Advancement Program. Can you please share how the grant helped the event come to fruition?

The funding that we received from the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority’s Tourism Advancement allowed us to offer an additional evening cocktail party, to expand or breakfast bar food offerings, and helped 2018 SwimShow Miami Beach come to life. We are very appreciative of the support and assistance from the MBVCA.

5.      For those with an idea to host a unique event, festival or experience that celebrates arts and culture, give them two reasons to apply to the Tourism Advancement Program for a grant.

The MBVCA’s goal is to promote the city of Miami Beach on a global scale and providing funding to encourage programs, activities, and events certainly help them to do just that. I would encourage those looking to host a function or experience that celebrates arts and culture to take this opportunity and apply for a grant from the Tourism Advancement Program because it is a huge financial savior and allows organizations present the very best they can without the burden of funding. 

6.      In your opinion, what are some of the best ways to experience the true arts and culture offerings of Miami Beach?

I have a genuine love for history, and I am always looking for creative ways to discover the past. With that said, I enjoy visits to The Bass, The Wolfsonian-Florida International University and The Jewish Museum of Florida because I learn so much about the rich arts and cultural history that’s stored in Miami Beach. I would suggest both tourists and locals to try searching Thrillist, Miami.com, Miami New Times and Eventbrite for year-round arts and cultural events available in the city.

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