MBVCA BLOGGER: Adriana Lopez, Hotel Hopping

MBVCA BLOGGER: Adriana Lopez, Hotel Hopping

The MBVCA chatted with Adriana Lopez, Founder of Hotel Hopping, to talk about what it’s like to be an influencer, upcoming travel trends and her favorite spots on Miami Beach.

Tell us about yourself… why did you become a travel influencer and how long have you been an influencer?

My dad was a hotelier, and my whole family worked in hotels and restaurants, so I was born into the industry. I studied hospitality at NYU then I moved back to Miami three years ago and started my brand & blog, Hotel Hopping. I wanted to exercise my creativity while sticking to the industry that I’m passionate about- content creation and blogging was the perfect fit.

What are your favorite outdoor spots on Miami Beach that you would recommend to visitors?

South Pointe Park is a great place to hang out or have a picnic under the palm trees with a gorgeous ocean view. Lido at the Standard Hotel will always be one of my favorite places to spend a Sunday afternoon. I suggest spending your day at Standard in this order: Book a massage, detox in the hammam, kick it by the pool then make your way to Lido for dinner and cocktails. Nothing beats the sunset views from the outdoor bar!

Are there any hidden gems on Miami Beach that visitors must experience?

The bar behind Bodega is always my go to! Bodega tacos are my favorite on Miami Beach and there’s always a fun vibe in the back bar (behind what looks like a bathroom door) whether there’s a local DJ playing or live music. Scapegoat is a low-key neighborhood gem that has a great vibe, great whiskey selection and daily happy hour. Broken Shaker at Freehand Hotel is another favorite of mine- fantastic cocktail program and an adorable backyard patio. 

Tell us about how being an influencer has changed your perspective on Miami Beach and travel in general?

I’ve met so many inspiring, like-minded individuals having been a part of the travel / foodie influencer community. I love being able to connect with industry leaders who are really making a difference in the Miami Beach scene. I was born and raised in Miami- it’s been amazing to see the hospitality industry transform over the last decade.

What are some travel trends that you’re excited to see gain momentum in 2019?

The Home sharing trend has been growing exponentially- I think it’s a fantastic idea for the travelers that want to live like locals versus feeling like a tourist.  Companies are starting to blur the line between a traditional hotel room and residential design so the stay feels more personal.

What type of impact are you hoping to have on your followers and travelers?

I hope I can inspire others to pursue doing what they love! I’m so passionate about hotels, travel and social media. Its truly a blessing to be able to build a brand and career out of it. I love being able to inspire others to get out there and enjoy the amazing hospitality and culinary experiences we have access to in this amazing city. 

Why is Miami Beach like no other place in the world?

Aside from the amazing weather, the diversity of Miami Beach is unlike any other in Florida- It’s easy to forget you’re in the US walking around town.  It’s pretty cool to have grown up in the only city in the world that is Latino, American and Caribbean.

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