Film Incentive

This incentive is only available to the following audio-visual Productions (as defined below): scripted feature films and television shows, documentaries (non-political and non-sports only), short films. This incentive is not available to all excluded Programming (as defined below). For purposes of this incentive, any multi-episode production, such as a season of a television series, is considered one unique production. 

Interested parties must submit a pitch letter to include Production Company Name, Email, Phone/Fax Numbers, and Address to the MBVCA, via email no later than 45-60 days pre-production. Production information to include: title, date, production days and dates, including pre and post, Director Name, Producer Name, and detailed filming locations; Letter of verification from City of Miami Beach Film Office confirming contact/film permit application; one paragraph summary of production. If approved, grant application/ required documents will be required within 30 days and Board will review during their next scheduled Board meeting (or period/quarterly)

Associated Documents

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